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Megaworld aims to make Grand Westside Hotel to become more competitive and luxurious than other 5-star hotels in Metro Manila. Therefore, they have included sophisticated recreational and leisure amenities into its design. In fact, they claim that it combines some of the best features that are available to any condominium and hotel in Pasay City.  As this is a resort-inspired condotel, you will feel more like you are on a vacation with the luxurious amenities at your disposal. For you hotel unit occupants, it is a great way to convince them that it is a worthwhile place to stay.

There are plenty of resort-like and luxurious amenities available for the tenants of your hotel units at this development. The first of these luxurious amenities would be the swimming pool. It is a standard amenity for most condominiums and hotels; thus, you can expect to find one in this particular development. There are two project swimming pools – one for adults and another for children. There are also lounge chairs and seating areas available near the swimming pool. In addition, there are lots of greens surrounding the pool to create a relaxing atmosphere. There are also shower and changing rooms available near the pool to make it easy for the tenants and guests. 

A gazebo area is also available in Grand Westside Hotel. This gazebo area can be perfect for leisure and relaxation, which helps provide tenants and unit owners with the opportunity to experience the relaxing outdoors without going far. These spots create a beautiful green atmosphere for the entire building, too. In addition, there are plenty of outdoor seating areas when you want to breathe in fresh air. 

If you consider yourself a gym buff, you must rejoice! Grand Westside Hotel also promises to offer a fitness gym as one of the major amenities provided here. Your future tenants will also be thrilled with this idea, because it lets them workout right within the building. It can save you time and effort from going to a nearby gym. This fully-equipped gym has all the fitness machines and equipment you need to perform your desired workout. You (or your tenants) won’t have to pay extra for a gym membership or session because this gym has everything you need.

If you need more relaxation, there are massage rooms located within the building. You can go there if you need some pampering or you want to relax your tired muscles after a busy day at work. If you want your mind to relax, you can go to the zen garden. This is the perfect spot to practice yoga or meditation!

As a bonus, all of the hotel units at Grand Westside Hotel are fully furnished. From television to sofas, and dining tables, the essential furnishings are already provided for by the time you purchase a unit. Thus, you won’t have to incur additional cost when it comes to buying items to furnish the unit with. This is another reason why it is considered as a hassle-free investment for potential investors!

  • Swimming pool
  • Children's pool
  • Gazebo
  • Fitness gym
  • Male and Female shower and changing rooms
  • Massage room
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Zen Garden
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