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Grand Westside Hotel Overview

Property Developer: Megaworld
Project Location: Westside City Bayshore, Entertainment City, Pasay City
Turnover Date: June 2022
Unit Sizes: 24 sqm - 48 sqm
Price Range: Php 7.2 M - Php 14.4 M

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Grand Westside Hotel Philippines

Grand Westside Hotel By Megaworld

If you want a grand investment in the Philippines’ fastest-growing hospitality industry, try to own a condominium cum hotel room at the Grand Westside Hotel in the casino-filled Entertainment City by the Manila Bay in Pasay City.

This twin-tower (called the North and South Towers), with 18-story each tower, is a colossal Megaworld Corporation project along the bay. The project is the predecessor to the successful 529-room Kingsford Hotel inside the Entertainment City, the newest entertainment and leisure capital of the Philippines located along the shore of the majestic Manila Bay.

The Grand Westside Hotel will be lying next to the Solaire Resorts & Casino and will be managed and operated by the world-renowned Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Inc., the company responsible for the management of the Richmonde Hotel Ortigas and Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Quezon City. The Grand Westside Hotel is a condominium-hotel for sale in Pasay City that will rise together with entertainment and leisure complexes of the Westside City inside the tourism estate of Entertainment City.

The Grand will offer premium hotel rooms totaling 685 with astounding recreational amenities integrated with luxurious lifestyle living. The hotel will have a direct access to the family-friendly Las Vegas-inspired Resorts World Bayshore City and the 2,500-seater Opulent-Palais Garnier-style Grand Opera House, also a proud development of Megaworld Corporation. The Grand Westside Hotel is a low-risk and worry-free investment that will bring more hope and a sustainable income even for the middle-class investors who want to maximize their financial potential through hassle-free investment. This condotel is an ideal expenditure for OFWs, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and even for foreigners who want an almost effortless investment that entails quick ROI. The projected full ROI is a short 13 years without a sweat.

The Grand Westside Hotel is offering 3 types of hotel suites (or condotel) which they can purchase that will be run by Megaworld’s team of expert managers (Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Inc.) as a Hotel for you. The management will also find tenants for you so you don’t need to lift any finger while you also don’t worry about the monthly condo fee. Moreover, as a hassle-and worry-free investment, the acceptance of unit will be handled by the hotel operator (such as the inspection and clearance to occupy, etc.) on your favor during the turnover. This worthy investment will allow you to recoup your investment within 13 years, while the projected average yearly ROI is 6.4% of the total contract price (TCP). To give you an idea about the layout and other specifications of your purchased hotel unit, here are some brief descriptions.

Types of hotel suites at the Grand Westside Hotel 

  • Queen Suite: The Queen Suite has a floor area of 24sqm with 1 T&B and a sleeping area with a Queen-size bed. It comes with a wall-mounted LED TV, desk and ottoman, a night table, a 2-seater sofa, a mini-bar, and a safety deposit box. 
  • Twin Suite: The Twin Suite comes with the same floor area at 24sqm. The sleeping area, though, has 2 twin-size beds. It has 1 T&B, a night table, wall-mounted LED TV, a lounge chair, desk and ottoman, a mini-bar, and a safety deposit box.
  • Executive Suite: The Executive Suite comes double in floor area compared to the Queen and Twin Suites (48sqm). However, it has one bedroom with a Queen-size bed. It has 1 T&B, a lounge chair, a mini-bar, wall-mounted LED TV, a night table, desk and ottoman, 2-seater dining table, living area with sofa and a dining table, and a safety deposit box. 

World-class amenities at the Grand Westside Hotel

To be more competitive with other 5-Star hotels in Metro Manila, the Grand Westside Hotel has some of the most sophisticated recreational amenities and building features ever built. These resort-inspired amenities and facilities conform to international standards and can be enjoyed by guests from both towers. The condotel has a magnificent hotel lobby, swimming pool, kiddie pool, adult pool, massage rooms, male and female changing rooms, promenade, pool lounge, pool spa, Jacuzzi, gazebo, landscaped area, play area, pool deck, lanais, spillover area, seat blocks, outdoor seating area, covered seating area, seat blocks, fitness gym, function room, meeting room, Zen Garden, and so much more.

These amazing features of the Grand Westside Hotel are well-loved mostly by casino patrons playing in nearby Solaire and Okada. Moreover, the casino being built by Megaworld (the Resort World Westside City) near the hotel will add to the numerous clients that will surely enjoy the Grand Westside’s recreational amenities. 

Grand Westside Hotel is a condotel project by Megaworld in Pasay City. With a projected turnover date of June 2022, this is going to change the condominium and hotel landscape of the city (as well as set a new standard of real estate development in Metro Manila). This is the perfect place to invest for those who are interested to take advantage of the fast developing hospitality industry in the Philippines. Not only will you be able to acquire a condominium unit, but also keep future residents or tenants close to entertainment opportunities such as hotels, malls, and casinos. It is part of the city-wide project called Entertainment City, located close to the Manila Bay.

The Grand Westside Hotel will consist of two towers called North and South Towers. Each tower will be 18 stories high, which makes it a colossal project for Megaworld in Pasay City. This development comes in the heel of the successful Kingsford Hotel that is also located within Entertainment City. It promises to bring in middle-class investors that want a hassle-free investment at a low risk. It is projected to deliver an ROI within 13 years. 

Megaworld Development Corporation is the real estate firm behind the development of Grand Westside Hotel in Pasay. This company is recognized as one of the top real estate developers in the country. Since its formation, the real estate firm has been involved in the development of residential and commercial buildings – all with the goal to improve the way Filipinos live. Each project that they have developed come with a unique concept to ensure that there is a property that fits your ideal lifestyle. Some of their projects include townships, residential condominiums, offices, malls, and hotels, to name a few. Megaworld is the name behind many notable developments all over the country such as Forbeswood Heights, Eastland Heights, Holland Park, Golfhill Gardens, Manhattan Heights, Newcoast Village, Oceanway Residences, and One Eastwood Avenue, etc. 

The arrival of Grand Westside Hotel will provide the opportunity for investors to put their hard-earned money in the emerging leisure and entertainment capital of Metro Manila – Entertainment City. You will feel like you are in Vegas with the high-end architectural and interior details. Every detail is grand – thus, the development stays true to its name. 

The Grand Westside Hotel will offer up to 685 hotel rooms in total. Every room is furnished and finished to offer luxurious style living you would expect in a condotel. At the same time, you will be able to indulge in a rich array of recreational amenities (of which you will learn more of in a bit). It will have a direct access to a family-friendly Resorts World Bayshore City, which is inspired by Las Vegas. There is also a 2,500-seater Palais Garnier-style Grand Opera House, which is also a development of Megaworld Development Corporation.

The condotel will offer the future investors with three options when it comes to the units available. The first unit is the Queen Suite, which comes with 24 square meters of floor area. It will have 1 toilet and bathroom, along with a sleeping area and a Queen-size bed. Other additional furnishings with this hotel unit include wall-mounted LED TV, 2-seater sofa, mini bar, safety deposit box, night table, desk, and an ottoman. The current package price for the Queen Suite ranges from PhP 6.9 to 7.2 million.

The next unit option at Grand Westside Hotel is the Twin Suite, which is also available at 24 square meters of floor area. It will have the same unit features as the Queen Suite. The sleeping area will consist of 2 twin-size beds. Just like the Queen Suite, the price range is from PhP 6.9 to 7.2 million. 

Finally, there is the Executive Suite, which is also the largest unit sold at Grand Westside Hotel. This unit has nearly double the floor area of the first two units mentioned above (specifically, it has 44 square meter of floor area). It consists of one bedroom with a Queen-size bed, along with 1 toilet and bathroom. In addition to the furnishings above, the Executive Suite will have a 2-seater dining table and a sofa for the living area. The Executive Suite is expected to be priced higher at a range of PhP 13.9 to 14.4 million. 

With several unit options, you are sure to find the right unit at Grand Westside Hotel that will match with your needs and budget. You can also get more value out of your investment given its great location and the amenities that you can enjoy. You can learn more about these two features in more detail below.

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Megaworld Grand Westside Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Grand Westside Hotel, then check here first. We have full details of Grand Westside Hotel updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

Grand Westside Hotel - LOCATION

Grand Westside Hotel Location

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Grand Westside Hotel - AMENITIES

Grand Westside Hotel Amenities

Grand Westside Hotel - Price List

Grand Westside Hotel For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Twin Suite (North Tower) ₱ 7,730,000 24 sqm
Twin Suite for Specially Abled (North Tower) ₱ 11,250,000 35 sqm
Queen Suite (North Tower) ₱ 7,730,000 24 sqm
Queen Suite for Specially Abled (North Tower) ₱ 11,890,000 37 sqm
Executive Suite (North Tower) ₱ 14,400,000 48 sqm
Twin Suite (South Tower) ₱ 6,960,000 24 sqm
Queen Suite (South Tower) ₱ 6,960,000 24 sqm
Executive Suite (South Tower) ₱ 13,920,000 48 sqm

Why Invest In  Grand Westside Hotel

Ideal investment for OFWs and foreigners

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and foreigners who seldom visit the Philippines are the perfect ones to invest in the Grand Westside Hotel. Since they are always out of the country, they can avail the free 30-day stay (or do it in tranches, like a week or two) while their hotel unit earns most time of the year from lease income. Moreover, investors can bring in their family during their free stay on holidays that will fit in their respective units. They can enjoy the privilege of using the property’s recreational amenities as long as they want. Once the units are turnover to you, you don’t have to shop for furniture and bedroom stuff (like bed sheets, pillows, etc.) as these will be provided by the hotel. Luckily, you don’t even have to purchase any kind of appliances (such as a TV, lighting fixtures, etc.) as these are also provided. Moreover, you might even have to meet the hotel manager personally once in a blue moon as transactions can be made online. You are only required to appear personally when necessary, but this is a remote possibility. Your yearly dividend can be sent to you via online payment, whichever you prefer. 

Preselling Status/ Payment options

The Grand Westside Hotel South Tower’s has a turnover date in December 2021 so you have still time to make a reservation today. The property is currently on pre-selling stage where you will enjoy the introductory prices during the time of its launched earlier this year (although the possibility of a slight increase is imminent any time soon). Once you make a reservation (you can check out with our licensed real estate broker here for details on how to reserve a hotel unit), the process will be rolling after you have pay for the down payment (usually 10% to 20% of the TCP). You can either pay instant cash (or deferred cash) if you have the financial capability or you may opt for bank financing for the balance of payment. Bank financing may take you to 5 to 15 years of paying lower and equal monthly amortization depending on the approved terms. Consequently, when the completion date of the project comes, you only have to wait for another 6 months of a grace period for the turnover of your hotel unit. As easy as that! After the turnover, the process of renting out your unit can begin, even if you are still paying for the monthly amortization. You don’t have to wait for a long time to make your investment yields cash for profit. Furthermore, the North Tower’s turnover date is set for June 2022.

More benefits offered by Megaworld

The Grand Westside Hotel is a Megaworld condominium project that is operated as a hotel (hence, the word “condotel”). Aside from the Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Inc., as your hotel manager and other services that this company renders in your behalf (as we have stated above), you will enjoy the benefits of receiving a yearly dividend even if your unit is not rented out (which is a very remote possibility). This management team will conduct the necessary room maintenance that will keep your hotel unit clean and tidy, even when no one is occupying it. You can have a free stay on your unit for 30 days within a year (renewed every year) while you are accorded the first-class services just like for guests. Megaworld also projected an average yearly ROI (return of investment) of 6.4% in reference from the TCP, while you actually own a hotel room that is not time-share. Furthermore, your expected full ROI (the time that you will recoup your investment in full) is a short 13 years. During this time, the money you invested will be totally recovered and you will enjoy the fruit of your hard-earned money as your reward. 

Proven global market reaching 1 billion people

As the Grand Westside Hotel will be standing near the Okada and Solaire Casinos, in addition to the development of another casino by Megaworld in the same premises of the Entertainment City, expect an exodus of guests in the near future. Megaworld is expecting the Entertainment City to capture 10% of the share in the total global gaming market beyond 2020. The Entertainment City is projected to become the next Las Vegas and Macau of Southeast Asia where an estimated one billion people “are within a 4-hour radius, which includes countries such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong”. This will coincide with the Grand Westside’s completion of the South Tower in 2021. During this time, there will be an unprecedented number of guests that will troop to Manila for play and recreation, and the Grand Westside Hotel is one of the best places to stay while in the capital. The North Tower is expected to be finished on June 2022. Furthermore, Megaworld had learned with their experienced in Kingsford Hotel, which is now fully sold as many investors have anticipated the current trend. So don’t be left behind. You may contact our licensed real estate agent on this website for details on how to make a reservation and other info regarding the Grand Westside Hotel.

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